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Lasting Political Change Performance: Knowledge, Awareness, and Reinforcement (KARe)

Dr Constantinos Constantinou (CIM) presents the results of a joint research project on “Lasting Political Change Performance: Knowledge, Awareness, and Reinforcement”.


Digital Marketing Certifications That Can Boost Your Career

At CIM, we live by the motto that learning never ends. In this new blog, Chrissy Jones explores the different certifications available for Marketing people – and the value they may bring.


Key Ways To Conquer The Challenges Of Public Sector Marketing

How can governments and organisations pro-actively engage with citizens and use modern digital marketing strategies in order to most effectively target the public with meaningful messaging? In her new post, Chrissy Jones explains. Read to find out more!

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Managing (And Limiting) Stress As A New Business Owner

In a new post, our blogger Chrissy Jones addresses something that concerns all of us: work-related stress, and, in particular, stress connected to one’s starting their own new business. It’s a must read for all!


Got New Software? Here Are The Best Marketing Strategies You Can Apply

No company can survive without software. But how can software companies make sure that their products reach our attention? Our expert blogger, Chrissy Jones, presents some marketing strategies that software companies can use to showcase and boost attention toward their products.


Marketing Strategies for the Logistics Sector

Our expert blogger, Chrissy Jones, explores the significant and integral role marketing plays in the logistics industry.


Counterfeiting in the Current Economic Context: A Report by the Rome Business School

Product counterfeiting is a multi-billion-dollar concern the world over. Our associates at the Rome Business School have been looking into this global phenomenon.


Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Challenges for the Urban Ecosystem of the Future in Italy

Our colleagues at the Rome Business School, in collaboration with the Italian environmentalist association Legambiente, present the results of their research into the environment and sustainable development in Italy.


Spotlight On Your eLearning: Smart Marketing Tips To Promote Your Online Courses

Online courses are all the rage. Universities, colleges, associations, and companies now offer online courses on everything you can think of. Our blogger Chrissy Jones offers some clever marketing tips on how to promote online courses in an increasingly competitive market.


How Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

How can artificial intelligence help your company achieve its marketing goals? Chrissy Jones explores.

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