How Remote Workers are Revolutionising the Marketing Industry

Our guest blogger, Chrissy Jones, explains how remote workers are revolutionising the marketing industry. Read on to find out what the future holds.

By 2020, over half of employees will work remotely. A report detailing the ‘state of remote work in 2018’ recently found that of the 1,900 people with remote positions who were surveyed, 25% of them worked in marketing. This emphasizes the fact that the marketing industry is one of the leading innovators in allowing workers to do their jobs from anywhere in the world, making office space and set hours less of a priority than in years past. 

There are many advantages to working remotely that are hard to ignore, especially if you are running a global company or drawing on outsourced employees from separate locations. And, in places affected by labour market crises, like Greece, Cyprus and Spain, there is a great need for work opportunities that aren’t location-dependent. In the marketing industry around the world, the rise of remote positions is revolutionising traditional business models and making the global workforce even more digital.

Advantages of Having Remote Employees for Marketers
While many business owners with traditional sales and marketing tactics may not realize the value of allowing their employees to work remotely, it is a vital component of job satisfaction and productivity. In many cases, remote working means fewer distractions, which can lead to a higher efficiency. One report found that 24 percent of people surveyed said they were able to accomplish more in the same amount of time when telecommuting.

In addition to improving workers’ time management, it also improves employee turnover. Giving workers the chance to do their jobs from home can lead to higher morale and lower stress levels, which will naturally lead to more satisfied workers who are dedicated to their companies. The main benefit for business owners is allowing remote work decreases real estate costs and overhead—boosting profitability over time.

The Revolution in Coworking Spaces
Though many marketers might claim that working remotely has advantages, others may miss having a dedicated office space to complete their tasks and work within a community. If this sounds like you, fortunately there are innovative coworking spaces to make the process of working remotely more appealing to your work habits and routines. Though many coworking spaces charge a small fee, they offer location-independent workers a chance to work in an office setting, network with like-minded professionals, use high-speed Wi-Fi, and in some cases, even drink ‘free’ coffee and tea. In Cyprus and virtually every country, there is at least one official coworking space and the trend is on the rise in most big cities.

With the rise in remote working in the marketing sphere, it is wise to discover the advantages to this type of work and seek out coworking spaces to see if this lifestyle would be advantageous for your career.

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