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Spotlight on Ephemeral Content: Innovating Beauty Marketing for Gen Z

Our blogger Chrissy Jones explores a fascinating phenomenon in beauty marketing. Read on to find out about ephemeral marketing!
The colosseum in Rome and design for new structure next to it

The New Tourism: Lessons from Italy

Travellers increasingly choose tourist destinations for their cultural offerings, green systems of transportation, and accessibility. What can Cyprus learn from Italy -- one of the
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Illegitimate tasks, workplace embitterment and work-related rumination after work: Are exhausted employees at higher risk?

What is workplace embitterment? And how does it affect a company's wellbeing? Work Psychologist and Fellow at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research presents her
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Partner Marketing: Building Trust for Successful Collaborations

What is partner marketing? And how can you ensure that it works? In our brand new post, Chrissy Jones explores how companies can build successful
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The World of Crypto: Risks and Opportunities for Banks and Citizens

In their latest study, our colleagues at the Rome Business School discuss cryptocurrency and the several risks but also opportunities for banks as well as
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The Power of Youth: Re-shaping Politics through e-Activism during Crises

Youth often get a bad press. But that's misguided and unfair. In our brand new post, Evie Theocharous, UN Youth Champion for Environment and Peace
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Gender Gap, Diversity and Inclusion: The Case of Doctors Without Borders

In their most recent study, our colleagues at the Rome Business School explore all-pressing questions about gender inequality and the importance of diversity and inclusion
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Political Marketing and Social media: The Case of Italy

Our colleagues at the Rome Business School explore the intriguing topic of political marketing as practised through social media. Read on to find out how

Branding Management: The Risk of Genericization

What is genericization? And why is it important for marketers to be aware of this phenomenon? Yotam Werzansky-Orland, Esq., CEO of KWO Strategy Ltd., Lecturer
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Confidential Business Information – Considerations and Strategies

Knowledge, they say, is power. But how do we protect this power? In our newest post, Yotam Werzansky Orland, Esq., CEO of KWO Strategy, Lecturer
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