phone screen showing various social media apps

User-Generated Content: How To Increase Brand Authenticity And Drive Sales

How do we engage users to generate their own content? How can companies use that for more effective marketing? And what should they be aware ...
Man in grey t-shirt smiling to woman on counter

Personalised Loyalty Rewards: How To Use This Marketing Strategy to Keep Your Customers Happy

We all know -- and use -- loyalty reward schemes. But how can consumers get a more satisfying customer experience in exchange for their loyalty? ...
two men over a computer

Protecting Your Business From Marketing Scams

It's never not a good time to think about how to protect your business from marketing scams. Read on for Chrissy Jones's useful advice!

Navigating Intellectual Property Strategies in an Era of Global Uncertainty

Yotam Werzanksy-Orland, the brand-new Head of Innovation and Intellectual Property at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research, provides valuable lessons for businesses on navigating IP ...
woman teaching in front of big classroom

What Does it Take to Become an Effective Marketing Teacher?

At CIM-Cyprus Business School, we know a thing or two about teaching Marketing: we've been doing it for almost five decades, and we were the ...
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Spotlight on Ephemeral Content: Innovating Beauty Marketing for Gen Z

Our blogger Chrissy Jones explores a fascinating phenomenon in beauty marketing. Read on to find out about ephemeral marketing!
The colosseum in Rome and design for new structure next to it

The New Tourism: Lessons from Italy

Travellers increasingly choose tourist destinations for their cultural offerings, green systems of transportation, and accessibility. What can Cyprus learn from Italy -- one of the ...
man in anguish holding his face with his hands

Illegitimate tasks, workplace embitterment and work-related rumination after work: Are exhausted employees at higher risk?

What is workplace embitterment? And how does it affect a company's wellbeing? Work Psychologist and Fellow at the Cyprus Centre for Business Research presents her ...
man and woman shaking hands

Partner Marketing: Building Trust for Successful Collaborations

What is partner marketing? And how can you ensure that it works? In our brand new post, Chrissy Jones explores how companies can build successful ...
hand holding different cryptocurrencies

The World of Crypto: Risks and Opportunities for Banks and Citizens

In their latest study, our colleagues at the Rome Business School discuss cryptocurrency and the several risks but also opportunities for banks as well as ...
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