Spotlight on Ephemeral Content: Innovating Beauty Marketing for Gen Z

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by Chrissy Jones

‘Gen Z has enormous influence over the market, as well as other generations who often consider them experts in a world filled with technology’. Forbes.

The force behind the big change in beauty marketing right now? The answer is ephemeral content, a method extremely popular with Generation Z, currently the young newcomers on the consumer scene. Given that this generation is quite known for their fleeting, 8-second attention span–noticeably shorter than the average millennial’s 12-second span–it becomes clear why this transition is taking place. Short-form video content is now a potent means to captivate this demographic’s interest, offering crisp, relatable, and engaging pieces of information that perfectly cater to their quick consumption habits.

How E.I.f. Mastered Ephemeral Content Marketing

Using ephemeral content to bolster its success, E.l.f has achieved remarkable results with its Gen Z audience in a relatively short amount of time. Marketing Dive explains that the brand capitalized on the fascination of TikTok influencers Ian Paget and Chris Olsen’s relationship by having them apply their products in a romantic encounter while discussing the breakup – an amazing display of storytelling that resonated heavily among viewers. In addition to this brilliant marketing move, they cemented their reputation amongst younger generations through activities such as creating branded hashtag challenges and composing original songs for listeners to enjoy – tracks that have even appeared on Billboard charts. What’s more, is that E.l.f were able to cap off this remarkable strategy with budget friendly prices, reinforcing how easy it can be for brands like theirs to ascend above competitive markets.

Capturing Attention and Driving Engagement

Mention explains that beauty brands often leverage the FOMO and YOLO strategy to get Gen Zers. When it comes to attracting young people, the key is creating an urge for them to be part of something time-sensitive. As soon as they see something that will only last a short period, people feel that sense of urgency and don’t want to miss out on the chance to join in. Gen Zers tend to think along the lines that gone are the days when the colour of our hair and eyes defined us. Today, we assert our individuality and decide how we want to present ourselves and as consumers, Gen Zers have been brought up with this expectation – wanting everything quickly. To tap into this need, brands use ephemeral content strategically from mini campaigns within stories, such as flash sales featuring limited products available for just one day only or sneak peek previews of collections before anyone else sees them.

Creating Buzz with FOMO and YOLO: A Marketing Masterstroke

TikTok has become a hotbed for luxury brands, who find success by adapting to trends while still maintaining their distinctively upscale image. Fanbytes (a campaigning website) states that Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Gucci all joined TikTok in 2020 and Versace followed suit in 2021, while Chanel currently lurks on the site but hasn’t posted any videos yet. The platform offers plenty of potential for fashion houses hoping to tap into Gen Z’s fascination with luxurious clothing items –but it isn’t limited there. Beauty brands have experienced tremendous success due to Skincare TikTok influencers engaging viewers with short tutorial clips or product reviews that drive engagement and conversion rates skyward; meanwhile, high end real estate agents have found success showcasing top tier homes directly through video messages that capture life within these properties like never before seen before.  

Stories shared on ephemeral platforms come alive, engaging customers emotionally and leading them organically down their purchase journeys by providing personalization opportunities every step along the way––it’s no wonder luxury voices across genres are embracing the format. Additionally, the use of the FOMO and YOLO strategy works for beauty marketing on Gen Z because it brings a sense of urgency into play – encouraging the consumer to partake in experiences – virtual or otherwise – while showing solidarity with their age group through language like ‘YOLO.’ So if you’re trying to attract young people don’t forget just how powerful ephemeral content can really be when used strategically as part of campaigns.

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