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Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) was established by Royal Charter in 1880. It has over 147,000 members.

Over 15,000 of these members live and work outside the UK. The Institute also has some 9,000 students.

The Institute is a member of the Consultative Committee of Accounting Bodies (CCAB), formed in 1974 by the major accountancy professional bodies in the UK and Ireland. The fragmented nature of the accountancy profession in the UK is in part due to the absence of any legal requirement for an accountant to be a member of one of the many Institutes, as the term accountant does not have legal protection. However, a person must belong to the ICAEW, ICAS or CAI to call themselves a Chartered Accountant in the UK also note:- themselves out as as a Chartered Accountant in the UK 

The ICAEW has two offices in the UK; the main one is in Moorgate , London and the other in Milton Keynes, in the newly built Hub:MK complex. In 2009 it also opened regional offices in Singapore and Dubai to support its members in Asia, followed by Beijing in 2011.

CIM is proud to be a Partner in Learning of ICAEW.

Please contact us for more infromation or visit ICAEW’s website.

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS)

CIM is delighted to announce that its BSc Shipping Administration (3 Years), has been reviewed and awarded the following exemptions:
1. Introduction to Shipping
2. Legal Principles in Shipping Business
3. Economics of Sea Transport
CIM students will only have to do 4 modules to become members of ICS. CIM’s Bachelor is the only 3 year programme in Cyprus that enjoys maximum exemptions from ICS.

ICS was established in 1911, and has its headquarters in the maritime city of London. It is represented globally by more than 25 branches in all five continents. Membership is now enjoyed by about 4000 members throughout the world.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers offers to the industry the most widely recognised professional qualification in shipping.

For more information please visit ICS’s website.

Chartered Association of Business Schools

The CABS is the authoritative voice for the UK’s Business Schools and Independent Management Colleges. The Association was established to promote the excellence of Business and Management Education in the UK and to improve the quality and effectiveness of managers in the UK and internationally.

The CABS (including its subsidiary companies and charities) exists to support its 130 members and affiliates.

The Association provides a central vehicle to help members promote their common interests in Business and Management Education, respond efficiently to key policy issues, develop institutional capacity, and share best methods and practice.
CIM is proud to be the only Academic Institution from Cyprus to become a member of CABS.

For more information please visit CABS’ website

European Distance and E- Learning Network (EDEN)

The European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN) shares knowledge and improves understanding for professionals in distance and e- learning across the whole of Europe and beyond, thus promoting policy and practice for this field of endeavour. EDEN is for all those concerned with distance and e- learning, in all sectors and phases of education and training. With more than 1100 individual members and 194 institutional members, EDEN holds annual conferences attracting more than 550 participants. Moreover, EDEN holds additional conferences on research and on the schools sector every two years and has launched and supports the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning which provides support and advice for a range of projects in the European sphere. In this way, EDEN is the smart network for the professional community, and a professional community for smart learning.

CIM is a full member of EDEN.
Please contact us for more information or visit EDEN’s website

Network of International Business Schools

The Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) is a group of business schools from around the world which believe that the internationalisation of business and the globalisation of the economy are essential elements in the evolution of managerial practices.

NIBS members believe that higher education and training must integrate a strong international dimension, including the practice of foreign languages, the study of comparative management techniques and the experience of working and studying abroad.

They also believe that cooperation between educational institutions in different countries contributes to a better understanding between nations by furthering awareness and knowledge of other cultures and social practices.

Members of NIBS recognise each other’s qualifications, have a common goal of collaboration, and encourage participation in the following:
•    Student exchanges/interactions
•    Faculty exchanges/interactions
•    Exchanges of ideas for teaching programmes
•    Joint teaching and research programmes

Membership in NIBS entitles an institution to participate case competitions and conferences.

CIM is a full member of NIBS.

For more information please contact us or visit NIBS website.

European Association for Distance Learning (EADL)

The European Association for Distance Learning (EADL), formerly the Association of European Correspondence Schools, is an international organization consisting of schools, institutions and individuals working in the field of distance education, organized for the exchange of information and ideas on distance education. Members are located in over 20 European nations, including most of the members of the European Union.

EADL is an international, non-profit-making association, which aims to promote and enhance the contribution market-based distance learning can make to enhance the skills and achievements of the people of Europe. EADL takes the term distance education to include e-learning and blended learning and our members include organisations that offer all these types of delivery. Whilst EADL has several objectives, its overall mission is to encourage good quality education – EADL is passionate about the need for our students and customers to have a valuable and positive learning experience and our members subscribe to a code of conduct and quality standards that ensure this happens. The rapid expansion of on line content and mobile learning means that today there are numerous ways that people can update and develop their skills. 

CIM is a full member of EADL.

For more information, please contact us or visit EADL website.

United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)

UNAI has nearly 1500 academic and research institutions in more than 145 countries who are members of United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), an initiative of the Outreach Division of the United Nations Department of Global Communications.

UNAI aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in supporting and contributing, through research and education, to the realization of the Organization’s goals and mandates, namely through undertaking activities related to the ten UNAI Principles.

UNAI members are required to foster and promote these principles on campus and in their

communities by involving faculty, staff and students in undertaking at least one activity each year which actively addresses at least one of these ten basic principles or one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CIM is a proud member of UNAI.


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