Personalised Loyalty Rewards: How To Use This Marketing Strategy to Keep Your Customers Happy

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by Chrissy Jones

Customer loyalty rewards are highly common these days since almost every major retail store offers them to drive more sales, engage customers, and spread the word about their products. One of the most popular loyalty programs in the world is the Starbucks Rewards program, wherein every purchase enables you to gain points that you can redeem for food, drinks, or merchandise. There’s also the Sephora Beauty Insider program which offers a plethora of benefits that include offers on favourite makeup or fragrance brands, private sales, and birthday surprises, among others.

Customers avail loyalty programs because they feel a genuine sense of connection to a brand. But apart from just getting a lot of points, they’re also looking to get a more satisfying customer experience in exchange for their loyalty. Brands can strengthen ties with program members by creating personalised loyalty rewards since these can make them feel special and cared for. According to a recent global survey, 27 percent of customers consider personalisation and promotions integral to brand loyalty. Giving your clients a sense of satisfaction is a great way to set your brand apart from the competition, so here are some personalised loyalty program ideas to keep your customers happy.  

Pull Out All the Stops for VIP Customers

Do you know who your VIP customers are? No matter if you’re selling luxury jewelry, home appliances, or single origin coffee, you’re sure to have a small portion of customers who spend a significant amount of money on your brand compared to others. According to a study, 1 to 10% of your customers are part of this exclusive group, and they represent up to 50% of your total revenue. To identify your VIPs, you need to determine which customers will return, how often they’ll come back, and how much they’ll spend. You can track this information through your existing loyalty program. With a swipe or tap of the loyalty rewards card, you can easily find out who deserves VIP treatment from you and your staff.

Once you’ve identified your VIPs, make it easy for your staff to recognise them whenever they’re inside your premises. Asking them to present their VIP card at every turn can be bothersome, so for a classier way to set them apart from other customers, give VIPs identification accessories. It can be something simple, like a small debossed or embossed metal tag that they can hang on their bag or wear as a bracelet. Whenever they visit, assign a personal shopper to the VIPs to assist them and answer any questions that they may have. You may also want to create a VIP suite wherein your special customers can relax and enjoy beverages and snacks while your staff shows them your newest products to try before they buy. 

Create Exclusive Events

Another way to personalise your loyalty rewards is to create exclusive events for your customers. For instance, if you’re running a small niche fragrance business, you can offer monthly “sniff sessions” and classes on perfumery. Bookstores can have author events and book signings, with loyal customers getting premium seats and meet-and-greet opportunities at these events. Meanwhile, bakeshops can offer baking classes or customer appreciation events that include cake and pastry tastings. These events can make your customers feel special as they provide a unique experience. 

Gather Real-Time Feedback

Nothing’s more impersonal than handing a customer a feedback form for them to fill out before leaving your premises. Instead of doing this, why not talk to customers personally to know more about their experience in your store? For example, if you’re running a coffee shop, you can ask how they would rate their drink on a scale of 1 to 5, and what improvements should be made, if there are any. To test a new beverage, hand out samples to seated customers and ask for their opinion on the taste. You can also ask for ideas on any promos or products that they would like to see in the future. Gathering real-time feedback in a personal way can make your customers feel valued since it shows them that their insights and opinions matter to you.  

Personalised loyalty programs can be utilised to form stronger connections with your customers and improve your products or services. Consider these ideas to retain your customers and encourage them to keep supporting your business. 

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