Mind the gap

Our guest blogger, Mr Brian Saunders, feels very…uninspired today

This morning I’ve nothing to say.   That’s how my blog starts.  Not a very amazing opening, not how the professionals do it. Ha…NO!     They just sit down to write and the ideas and the excitement just flow like pure mountain stream water.  They write books, manuscripts, songs, poems, great business ideas and amazing motivational ‘stuff’ with hardly a thought and the results are fantastic. And I don’t only mean in writing either. NO! In business, art, management, sport, parenting and IN LIFE, others have it, and we don’t. Those around us just have an incredible knack of getting it right and being superstars. And you and me…? Well, we’re just hanging in there, hoping that the magic will come, someday.  The gap seems just too big!

I wonder if that’s how you feel today. Somehow, we’re behind the curve, we were just not born with these amazing skills and abilities. God (or whoever) simply didn’t gift us with these. Unfortunately, this is where our motivation often dries up and we sense such a distance between where we are and where we’d like to be that we quit on the idea or we quit on believing in ourselves.  This last week on the London Underground I heard those famous words…….‘Mind the gap’. The gap in London is the distance from the train to the platform. BUT … our minds and hearts say ‘mind the gap’ when our project is out of reach and seems just too far away.  Viewed from our perspective, the gap is enormous! So, we shut down!

Let me ask you a question. What’s the large ‘gap’ in your life? What dream or hope do you feel is too far off to reach? Do you know what? That ‘gap’ is not so big, really.  If you can see that it is made of small steps, then it isn’t a huge gap any more, it’s a journey. ‘Long journey – first step’… you know the Chinese proverb, of course. Guess what? First thing to do, find out what some of the first small steps are. I dare you.  These small steps change the gap. Instead of saying ‘mind the gap’, we can say ‘the gap is getting smaller’.

Here’s a smart practical step. Try it out on any one of your ‘projects’ or ‘dreams’. Search online for ‘The five best ways to …… reduce your overdraft, stop migraines, invest for success, win at bridge, or whatever your goal is.’ Look through the posts for some simple steps. Write down three that inspire you and that YOU CAN DO. Then add them to your daily habit stack in just small doses to start with. Maybe just 10 or 15 minutes a day of that simple action could kick-start you into massive action. The ‘gap’ might really be big, but it doesn’t have to stop you moving in the right direction, every day.  

Of course, be safe and ‘mind the gap’ on the London Underground. But in life let’s see the ‘gap’ as a place for small steps to be fitted in and start succeeding in our goals. Please, don’t ‘mind the gap’! Go out there and start your journey. 

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