Incorporating Art and Colour To Improve Marketing Success

Our guest editor, Ms Chrissy Jones, is back with an article that will be of interest to all students of marketing on how colour impacts advertising.

Every single aspect of your marketing strategy must be carefully considered and analysed to optimise the effectiveness of your advertisements and marketing efforts. The best marketing campaigns do not happen by accident. They are carefully developed by professionals with an understanding of human psychology and buyer impulses. When your company needs to market itself, both colour and art can do a lot to help define your brand and attract potential customers. Understanding the critical importance of colour and art in marketing can help your company thrive in an increasingly competitive global market.

Colours Can Have Profound Psychological Impact
Colours have a profound impact on the human brain, which can lead to emotional responses about a brand or a product. In fact, as many as 90% of purchasing decisions may have to do with colour used within a simple illustration for your logos, advertising, and packaging. Unfortunately, the way that people perceive colour differs vastly from person to person. Different cultures also ascribe different significance to colours. For example, while Western culture often associates white dresses with weddings, in much of Asia, white dresses are a symbol of mourning.

Research into your target market markets and demographics will help you determine which colours will drive the right responses from consumers. Before you commit to colours for your logo or your marketing campaign, it is important that you define your brand, which is how you want people to perceive your company. The inclusion of the right colours can reinforce your brand to anyone who sees your logo or marketing campaign. Consistent brand marketing is critical to long-term success.

Art Creates Emotion and Can Lead to Potential Sales
Art has a profound impact on the human psyche. Different people may take different things away from the same work of art. Much like colour, the analysis of art that people perform is subjective. However, there are certain techniques, shapes, and symbols that have widely accepted meanings and implications. Working with graphic artists who understand your brand and the message you want to convey can help ensure that the art you use in marketing campaigns reinforces your brand and attracts potential customers.

Both art and colour can help you establish your company as a powerful brand worth remembering. However, you must take the time to do adequate research into the impact of these stylistic choices. Working with experienced professionals who understand both marketing and psychology can help you develop the best possible marketing plan for your company, its brand, and its products.

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