How to Make Friday Your Most Productive Day

Our guest blogger this week is Chrissy Jones, who has some essential advice on a question that has troubled everyone since the beginning of time: how to make Fridays productive!

When you look at your workweek, it’s likely that you see Friday as the least busy, most exciting day. With the weekend enjoying the Cyprus sun following closely thereafter, Friday is always a day in the office where people are happy, sociable and looking forward to their weekend plans. By utilizing strong time management skills, marketing professionals can easily breeze through the final day of the workweek.

But just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean that you can’t make it an equally productive day of the week. While a study by Accountemps suggests that Tuesdays have proven to be the most productive day of the week on a global scale (and this finding has held true every year since the survey began in 1987!), this doesn’t have to be true for you. Instead, you can turn Friday into your most productive day as a marketing professional in Cyprus by following these simple tips and finish off your weekend on the right foot.

Plan for the Week Ahead Thoughtfully

There are plenty of precautionary steps you can take to make life a little bit easier in the long term, especially in terms of getting your finances in order. Making smart financial decisions, like using a credit rewards system to pay for business expenses that’ll lead to various benefits, is essential to a productive week. Spend a little time at the end of each week reviewing your finances so that you’ll be in a good place heading into the weekend and Monday.

Though it can be tough to think beyond the weekend, this knowledge of what your week ahead looks like will allow you to plan accordingly. If you have something extremely pressing on Monday, work on it as much as you can Friday. Sometimes, reviewing your schedule on Friday will uncover gaps in your upcoming week that may ease the stressful schedule of your Friday, which will in turn lead to greater productivity.

Don’t Let E-mails Overwhelm You

So many jobs nowadays, especially in the digital marketing sphere, are merely navigating e-mails. Sometimes, half of our day can be spent e-mailing customers or clients. Conduct your e-mailing on Friday differently by setting aside a solid hour at the end of the day for tying up loose ends.

By doing so, you won’t be bogged down by e-mailing countless customers throughout your workday, allowing you to get more pressing items checked off of your list. At the end of Friday, instead of responding to e-mails, schedule your responses to be sent out first thing on Monday. This will ensure that you are organized and prepared for next week. And, you won’t need to worry about receiving loads of responses throughout your weekend.

By thoughtfully planning for the week ahead and getting your e-mails under control on Friday, you can make Friday your most productive day of the week and tie up all loose ends so you can enjoy a lovely weekend on the beach!

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