How to Keep Track of Your Competitor’s Online Marketing Strategy

Our blogger Ms Chrissy Jones is back with some life-saving tips on how to keep up with competition. Read on!

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the Cypriot non-financial business economy, accounting for over 70% of total value added – according to the European Commission. called Cyprus the best country in Europe for digital business, indicating the extent to which many companies on the island are catering to customers abroad. If you have already adopted your own digital marketing strategy, it is important to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to in terms of marketing. This includes areas like branding and products, but also their social media and website strategies. Follow these tips and ensure you don’t miss a single beat.

Follow Your Competitors on Social Media

Follow leaders in your industry, interact with them and their marketing teams on Twitter and Facebook, and sign up for Google Alerts, in order to be notified every time they put up content. Doing so will enable you to check out important aspects of their digital marketing strategy, including video, influencer content, imagery, etc. Being a follower will also ensure you see what works for them; what content generates the most interest and which products or services  are really garnering a reaction from customers. Regularly searching their usernames will reveal the most frequent complaints about their brand – complaints which you can make sure your company does not receive.

Ensuring You Have VPN

Geo-restricted content and page crawlers abound, meaning that you may not be able to access clean search result pages. This is just one reason why VPN for digital marketing purposes is key; the ability to read and interact with your competitors’ content, regardless of what country they are in. VPN software allows for anonymous surfing, which is ideal when you don’t wish to be noticed. Finally, because VPN encrypts your data, you will be less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Interacting with Industry Influencers

Check out which influencers your competitors are following and do the same. Influencers are normally the first to receive press packages and other material to be shared ‘while the news is hot’ with their followers. You will probably already have a list of important followers to follow, yet you might be surprised at some new accounts you discover with millions of followers. These accounts may be covering a niche demand you can aim to appeal to through by making meaningful connections via social media.

Become Your Competitors’ Client

If your competitors have an online store, you should definitely purchase comparable products or services to those you are offering, to see what the online customer experience is like. Take note of how products and services are marketed during different types of the year, and on how advertisements are targeted at you, the client, in their campaigns. Adopt the strategies that intrigue and earn your ‘click’ on their newsletter and take note of the frequency and nature of their communications with existing customers. Finally, analyse the effectiveness of their customer loyalty bonuses and prizes; these are determining factors in creating a meaningful customer experience.

As businesses seek to appeal to global markets, ensuring your online marketing game is on part with the best, is key. You should be up to date on every post, video, and Tweet of your biggest competitors, but you should also be a client and a follower who is aware of the very best and worst that being a client involves. Finally, ensure you have access to all pertinent sites via VPN, keeping your own highly prized marketing data secure in the process.

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