CIM Applicants only

For Applicants on a CIM programme, here is the link –
There are 5 steps on the application; separated by the categories below:
Step 1: Basic and Contact information
Step 2: Programme information and fees
Step 3: Educational background
Step 4: Personal Statement
Step 5: GDPR

The first stage of the application contains a check box for the applicant to confirm that they have the soft
copies of the documents ready to be uploaded.

Step 2 draws the information from the Active degrees selected per Academic Year.

The drop-down for options works as follows: If Academic Year selected is 2020 > Full time > Nicosia Campus = shows the degrees under those specifics.

For example:

Once the applicant selects the degree they are interested in, the Tuition fees will automatically appear on the screen. The fees shown are for EU applicants.
At this part, the applicant can type out in the ‘notes’ box if they have a scholarship or any special discount.

Step 4 asks for the academic background of the applicant and English Language proficiency.

If an applicant needs to add more than one qualification, just click on the plus sign. If the applicant wants to add information for ‘Higher Education’, both Certificate and Transcript need to be uploaded.

Step 5 is the Personal Statement but it is split into different paragraphs/sections.
Step 6 is the declaration for GDPR and the confirmation that the applicant does not have a criminal record.

Once the application is submitted, the below screen will appear –

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