8th Nicosia Economic Congress, Tuesday 17th April 2018, Hilton Park Nicosia

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8th Nicosia Economic Congress

The Nicosia Economic Congress has become the leading financial/economic event in the island’s capital where business and government officials meet. This year, the 8th Nicosia Economic Congress aims to bring together key government figures, industry and business leaders, economists, academics and representatives from international institutions to discuss the economic and social progress Cyprus has experienced recently and also, present the economic forecast over the period 2018-2020. This is a must-attend for Board Members, CEOs, Business Leaders, CFOs, Managing Directors and other senior executives of major corporations in Cyprus.
The Cyprus economy was seriously challenged by the financial crisis of 2013 but, despite the great uncertainty that was created at the time, the country exceeded all international expectations, making steady progress towards restructuring the economy and meeting all its international obligations. More recently, Cyprus has performed remarkably, delivering an impressive turnaround as unemployment continues to fall and economic growth rises, and these positive trends have been reflected in repeated upgrades by all the major international credit rating agencies. This year’s economic congress will aim to address these issues by forecasting the future of the economy and labour market, especially in light of the newly elected President and Cabinet. In addition to the local analyses and forecasting, there will also be an international team of media experts who will discuss the future of the economy as seen around the globe. The 8th Nicosia Economic Congress, which will take place on Tuesday, 17 April 2018 at the Hilton Hotel, Nicosia, will bring together a fascinating mix of government officials, academics, media experts for an active discussion of the major issues the economy is facing.

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Preliminary Thematology

KEY NOTE: The President of the Republic of Cyprus
KEY NOTE: The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus
  • Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism
  • Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance
  • Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works
  • Ministry of Shipping
Panel Discussion: The Foreign Media Debate
  • Leading journalists from international media discuss the prospects and challenges of the Cyprus economy. The discussion will revolve around the recent developments of the Cyprus Economy.
The leading international journalists view :
  • Cyprus economic growth of the last few years
  • Cyprus’s place in international business as a business and financial centre
  • Cyprus role in EU economy
  • Investment Prospects of Cyprus
Panel Discussion: The Ambassadors’ debate on the prospects of the Cyprus economy
  • The Ambassadors and High Commissioners from major countries discuss the prospects of the Cyprus Economy:
  • How do their countries view the economic development of Cyprus?
  • Which are the investment / growth areas
  • Which economic developments, policies and decisions in Cyprus are of interest to their countries
Panel Discussion: The Labour Market and Labour reform in Cyprus

Albeit the tremendous development of the economy, the inelastic labour market of Cyprus still faces challenges and unemployment remains high. This discussion will revolve around the future developments of the labour market:

  • Suggestions for policy / legislative changes
  • The government’s view and the opposition’s view
  • The Employers
  • The Unions
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