Looking Great While Doing Good: Marketing Ethical Fashion

A growing number of consumers want to wear clothing that makes them feel good as well as look good. Shoppers no longer must choose between looking great and doing good in the world. With the rise of ethical fashion, shoppers with a conscience can buy beautiful clothing that’s ethically made by companies who give back. 

Ethical fashion companies manufacture their clothing while caring for the community around them and their workers. They also keep an eye on the environment, avoiding pesticides, using as little water as possible, and keeping their carbon footprint neutral. These companies return some of their profits to nonprofit groups, many of which help children.   

Marketing ethical fashion companies are as much about the good these companies do, the companies’ values, and the ethical way they create their clothing as they are about the clothing itself. Often these sustainable companies focus their efforts and philanthropy on helping children. Here are ways marketing and communications professionals can market ethical and sustainable fashion, highlighting what makes these companies unique. 

No Child Labor 

About 250 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 work manufacturing clothing in sweatshops. Ethical fashion companies make sure that the workers who sew their garments are adults who are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. These companies believe that children should be in school rather than sewing in sweatshops. This is why some fashion companies started charities to support children in hopes to set them up for a better future. 

Caring for the Environment 

Fast fashion can have a devastating impact on the environment, according to Earth.org, since it promotes excessive consumerism while using huge amounts of water and energy. Those clothes, when discarded, fill landfills. 

The BBC reports hundreds of millions of pieces of fast fashion are thrown away In the United Kingdom alone. Marketers can promote the sale of well-made clothing that will last over the years, a hallmark of ethical fashion manufacturing. This is far better for the environment, and what’s better for the climate crisis helps children. 

Going Organic and Vegan 

Shoppers aren’t just eating organic and plant-based – they also want their fashion to reflect those values. Promoting the organic origins of the cotton used and noting that the production of styles is vegan can attract shoppers who share those values. Some shoppers will only buy organic and vegan clothing. 

Show Your Company’s Values 

A fashion company isn’t just about the clothing it sells. Fashion companies create feelings for those who wear their clothing. The values of the company are worn by those who buy their fashions and wear them. If a company’s values include education for children, a fashion brand could offer scholarships or donate to help elementary through high school students and their teachers, displaying those values. 

Look Great, Do Good 

The best ethical fashion brands offer attractive, well-made, and versatile styles, letting shoppers look their best in pieces that will last over the years. These brands also make doing good a focus, leaving children a better world. Their philanthropy and ethics make for effective marketing.  

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