Digital Marketing Certifications That Can Boost Your Career

Many opportunities have opened for marketing specialists in this digital world, which have made related careers on demand. Starting from content managers and strategists, SEO specialists, and Digital Marketing directors — these are all promising careers. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a digital marketing specialist is $85,175 or roughly about GBP 62,000 per year, while for a digital marketing manager, it goes up to $121,676 or about GBP 89,000 every year. However, for most entry-level positions, the salary can be lower than that.

Usually, there is a vast difference in the salary between entry-level and certified positions, which is the usual driving force for employees to boost their careers. However, the qualification for certified positions mostly requires getting an MBA. Although taking traditional MBA courses is not the only way to get digital marketing certifications, specialized courses are available.

What is the alternative for getting an MBA?

Getting an MBA has become a possibility for more people as schools are embracing neurodiversity and introducing core concepts to younger students. Having an MBA can certainly advance your career and open up a lot of opportunities, but taking specialized digital marketing courses can also be an efficient and convenient way to further your career. It only takes two to six months of studying to get the digital marketing certification. In addition, most of these courses are offered part-time, which is convenient for those who are already working. Some courses are also free and can be studied anytime.

Hootsuite Social Media certification

Knowledge and mastery of social media is among the top requirements to be hired as a digital marketing manager. Hootsuite’s Social Media certification can help you stand out from the competition, and apart from learning crucial skills, you’ll have a certificate as proof of taking the course. After graduating, you can display your Hootsuite badge on your LinkedIn profile, and you’ll be added to Hootsuite’s roster of social media experts. 

HubSpot Content Marketing course

The next certification course for marketing is the HubSpot content marketing certification course, which is in demand because it’s free and time-effective. Usually, the course only takes 6 hours or more depending on the one who’s taking it. It covers most of the basic content marketing topics under 12 lessons. There are also quizzes and videos available to take advantage of.

Google Adwords certification

Next, we have the Google Adwords Certification that is perfect for those who want to take a deep understanding of how Google Ads work. The same with the HubSpot certification, Google Adwords Certification is also free. It is valid for one year, but can be renewed by passing the exam again. This is a short course that’s worth taking, since having a Google Ads certification means that Google recognizes you as an expert in online advertising. 

Facebook Marketing courses

Facebook marketing careers are also growing; that’s why most marketing experts are taking advantage of Facebook’s free marketing courses. Facebook offers courses that cover Facebook Ads, navigating Facebook Business and many more. The company also provides digital certification in various categories.

Nowadays, learning new skills and acquiring certificates are easy and convenient as there are free courses. In addition, most courses are also accessible online, which makes it more efficient for everyone.

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