Got New Software? Here Are The Best Marketing Strategies You Can Apply

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The average company makes use of about 137 unique software items for their operations, and the budget for spending on software is expected to increase, according to Blissfully. If you’ve recently developed a piece of software, you already have an eager market that wants to use it. The trouble, however, is how to get them to know that your software exists. Thankfully, you can tap into marketing strategies to showcase and boost attention toward your product. Here are a few of the best.

Create Quality Content 

One of the more immediate things you can try is to create quality content for your software. You can create a video with a simple walkthrough of your product, or one that talks about its features. A quality video has a good chance of being shared on social media platforms. You can write search engine optimised (SEO) articles about your software. Around 75% of marketers agree that SEO marketing is the most efficient type of marketing, according to Semrush. The point is to have content that can pique the interest of the public and potential buyers. You may choose to hire writers to hype up your product, but these may have drawbacks, as paid articles may come off as disingenuous to the public eye. You can, instead, offer collaborations with established tech review publications so they can give their audience a true review and marketing boost for your software. 

Reuse Your Validation Groups 

If you followed the proper process of business, you will have tested the market’s interest in your software before creating it. You may have used an independent focus group or hired a testing company to effectively validate your product. Now that your product is complete, and the word needs to get out about it, you can once again turn back to your validation groups. You can reconvene an independent focus group to test your product so that they can share their thoughts on it with you and with their peers. Their reviews can also go toward any content that you may create in the future. 

Consider Limited Free Trials 

Another marketing method that you can use for your software is to offer limited free trial periods for the public. Companies that implemented free trials experienced a 66% bump in paid conversions after the trial period, according to Zylo. Offering a free trial can give you a good idea of the public interest in your software. Netflix made use of free trial marketing to generate more interest in their services. When potential clients sign up for free trials, you can then offer them a chance to give you feedback on features they like best so that you can highlight them in future campaigns.

Marketing your software is a crucial step in the lifecycle of your product. There are a lot of other marketing tactics that you can choose to utilise. The key is picking one that fits both your product and your brand so that your future software and marketing campaigns won’t be as puzzling moving forward.

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