Spotlight On Your eLearning: Smart Marketing Tips To Promote Your Online Courses

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Online course platform Coursera reported over 500,000 new enrollments in a single weekend earlier this March, according to Sharvan Goli, Coursera’s Chief Product Officer. This makes it an extremely promising time for you to promote your online courses. If you’re aiming to bring more eyes and students to your eLearning courses, here are some smart marketing tips you can use!

Use The Right Social Media

Social media sites are now a dime a dozen in today’s market. Creating social media pages on the key platforms is better than just creating as many as you can. For example, consumers spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on Facebook each day, according to TechJury. So if you create a Facebook profile for your online course platform, and possibly sign up to promote your page, you’ll be getting more views and clicks on your courses. Other good runners-up are Instagram and LinkedIn, but it’s worth noting that LinkedIn is not designed for ecommerce. It is, however, a good spot to entice career-minded individuals to pursue courses that enhance their skills.

Utilize Your Niche’s SEO Keywords

Beyond knowing the right social media platform, you’ll also need to get the most out of search engines. You can do that by fully utilizing your niche’s SEO keywords. For example, if your online courses involve music, some of the more effective SEO keywords are “music theory online”, “online music classes”, and “music courses online”, according to WordStream. These keywords are organic and the typical words that potential online music students will be typing into their search engines. You can even try out other keyword search engines to give you a stronger understanding of what keywords to apply in your content and social media posts so you’ll appear higher in search results. It’s important to remember that SEO keywords change with time, so it’s best to check them regularly so you can always tailor your content with the most effective keywords.

Consider Freebies

Everyone is attracted to free things; learners are no different from this. To catch the interest of consumers and learners, you can try tempting them with freebies. You can start by giving out vouchers for a few classes to help them get a feel of the sort of content they can learn from you. From there, you can lead them toward the paid classes. Even if they don’t bite, keeping eyes on your site pushes you higher up in search results. There’s also the off chance that your freebies will spread through word of mouth. Try to consider which classes catch a wide audience and see if offering a couple of segments for free drives up your engagement counter.

There are millions of potential learners out there, and all you need to get their attention is to employ the right marketing strategies. Take your time to observe your competition and form your own marketing campaigns by learning from the best in the market. What’s truly important is that regardless of the marketing ploy you choose to use, be clear and authentic about your brand and what you hope to accomplish.

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