How Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

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Artificial intelligence is currently used in a plethora of industries, owing to its ability to access and analyse an increasingly large amount of data. It is estimated that worldwide data will grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, giving marketers new opportunities to learn more about their target markets and to cater their products, services, and online content to these markets. Gartner reports that around 30% of companies across the globe will be relying on AI for at least one of their sales processes. How can this technology help your marketing team hone its key strategies?

AI in Paid Ad Campaigns

If you already rely on PPC advertising via AdWords and Facebook, then know that AI can help you reveal new advertising avenues that may not currently be used by your competitors. There are more platforms than those typically used that can actually help you build more targeted campaigns. This can be achieved by using third party AI tools that analyze, direct, and optimize paid ad campaigns. These tools can also offer AI-led segmentation, content selection, timing, and channel execution, resulting in measurable growth at a faster rate.

Personalised Websites

AI can be used to analyze numerous data points regarding individual users. Information gleaned on how each user interacts with your site, compounded with data points such as their location, device, and demographics, enables AI to display personalised content and offers to your audience. Personalising the web experience can result in higher conversion rates and better customer loyalty. AI can also be used to determine the type, length, and nature of content your audience prefers to consume.

AI, Ultra-High-Speed and Enhanced Performance

AI can help marketing teams work more efficiently and faster. Those relying on Ethernet connection to obtain faster, stronger, more stable Internet connection can use AI solutions to enjoy high-speed ethernet that enables marketing teams to transform data with low latency. Ultra-high-speed ethernet solutions essentially help teams build RDMA networks that are compatible with classic Ethernet systems, bringing data center networks into into a faster form of connection.

Sending Personalized Emails

Dividing emails up into different market segments is a time-consuming, sometimes guesswork-based task for marketing teams. AI can help teams deliver customized emails to a plethora of different groups. This is good news considering that 80% of marketing professionals feel that personalized content is more effective than generic content – as reported by Demand Metric. This report has also found that marketers who personalize between 21% and 40% of their content report the highest rate of goal achievement. Indeed, around 56% of those who use personalization as  a key strategy report this process as effective or very effective. 

AI helps marketing teams obtain their objectives by taking guesswork out of the game. From personalized ads to content, right through to improved speed of data delivery and the sending of personalized emails, AI helps companies connect more directly with their target market. AI can also help teams identify behaviors that indicate a client is about to turn to a competitor, enabling teams to quickly fix existing issues and therefore enhance brand loyalty.

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