Clever Ways to Market Your Consumable Product

Many of the items in a person’s basket of goods are consumables attesting to their vital role in consumption patterns. From groceries and hygiene products to clothes and office supplies, consumable products are part of the needs of a household or business because they are either used up or worn out and require replacement. If you’re planning to launch soft goods or nondurables, it is vital to get your marketing strategies right. They are valuable tools in informing and engaging customers, maintaining reputation, and boosting and sustaining sales.  

Radio and Podcasting

Before you can market something, it is imperative that you know your product well and what it can do so that you can target the right audience. Doing so will improve the chances of landing a sale. Note that different product types also call for different marketing strategies. If you’re offering a consumable product that does not need any demonstration because it comes in a liquid, pill, gel, or powder form, you can use radio or podcasts to advertise it. For example, a novel product such as keto butter coffee can greatly pique the interest of people who are regular listeners of a podcast about going keto. It can also attract new customers who are willing to try an innovative offering. Explaining what the product is on the air can reach a wide audience including those who are not the targeted clientele. Research shows that radio broadcast is still the top medium for advertising effectiveness.  

Like radio, a short TV ad is also an effective marketing strategy for a consumable product. However, to stand out, you must use compelling copy considering that consumers are bombarded with ads everyday. To make use of direct response (DR) ads, the message should be simple enough so that consumers quickly understand what you’re recommending. Similarly, you can also add an offer such as free samples during your infomercial. Promoting your product on video channels such as YouTube or Vimeo also drives responses.

Direct Mail and Billboards

Contrary to perceived beliefs, direct mail is not yet dead in this digital age. In fact, direct mail has a return on investment (ROI) of 29% ranking third behind email and social media marketing. Consider sending a free sample with mail that you mail to customers who purchased your product. Package inserts not only lower the cost of advertising, they also encourage customers to buy your product. In addition, direct mail is something tangible and personalized. To illustrate, imagine you decide to go to a restaurant one night with a couple of girlfriends and you suddenly remember that you have a coupon in the kitchen that you can use. In this case, the coupon stimulates spending on your product. 

Billboards are also powerful means of advertising your products especially when you’re targeting commuters. Unlike magazines, radio, TV, or electronic devices, they can’t be switched off or put down. The most recent study on the effectiveness of billboard advertising in the US revealed that 71% of American drivers look at billboard messages while driving while 58% learned about an event or restaurant they were interested in by viewing roadside ads.

Consumable products are important in a shopper’s basket of goods. By marketing them using effective advertising strategies, you can see sales figures increase and your brand name recognition develop.

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