How to Market to Cyprus Car Buyers

How to Market to Cyprus Car Buyers

Car sales in Cyprus fell by 10 percent during the first half of 2019, according to Cyprus News Gazette, meaning that the opportunity is ripe for local marketing pros to step up their game in order to drive more sales to local car dealerships. The key to inspiring more interest in new and used cars is understanding the typical Cyprus car buyer and their needs. Marketing strategies that appeal to Cyprus buyers will work, provided adjustments are made to reflect local tastes and buyer demographics. When you learn how to cater to Cyprus car buyers via skillful digital marketing, you’ll be able to hone your talents and impress clients.


Do careful market research

Before you put together a comprehensive digital marketing plan, you’ll need to think about what you’re selling. Is your client offering luxury cars, budget models, or something in between? Some Cyprus dealerships focus on specific niches in the market, whether they are budget, mid-range, or luxury. Others offer a range of vehicles that customers can readily compare. This appeals to a broader assortment of buyers, whether those buyers are shopping online, offline, or both. If the focus is narrower, such as the luxury niche, researching information about standard incomes in Cyprus, what affluent people in the region tend to buy, and how successful marketing companies connect with wealthy consumers in the area are all wise strategies. Ultimately, your goal should be to collect enough data to put together a customer avatar, which is a composite of your ideal customer. Once you create a customer avatar, your digital marketing efforts may be centered on reaching out to that customer.


Find a unique marketing angle 

Consumers in Cyprus and all over the world are used to being bombarded with ads for cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles. To gain traction in this competitive niche of marketing, you should focus on finding a unique hook or angle that will make your digital marketing campaign stand out. Your approach doesn’t need to differ radically from the norm. It just needs to be a slightly new spin on the usual. To take a more unique angle, give your marketing efforts a local touch. Look for ways to inspire the community as you promote cars for sale. You might highlight the eco-friendly qualities of an electric vehicle and discuss ways that it helps to protect the region from environmental damage, or showcase how ideal a certain make and model is for Cyprus families. 


Keep an eye on your results  

Part of expert digital marketing is knowing how to track results. You’ll need to show your client that your marketing approach is paying off. Of course, more sales will indicate that your strategy is succeeding, but it sometimes takes time for a consumer to move through the sales funnel. When you use analytics to find out how your campaign is doing, you’ll be able to show your client how your strategy is impacting web traffic for landing pages and other key web pages. 


Digital marketing is exciting and learning how to market to car buyers in Cyprus will be a great way to gather skills. You may use these new skills throughout your career. The principles of market research, creating a customer avatar, finding a unique hook and tracking results may be used for any sort of marketing campaign. 

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