Web Marketing

(12 Hours)

At the CIM-Cyprus Business School, we firmly believe that success lies for those who can see opportunities in difficult times.

As millions around the world now are now confined at home, and with all of us interacting our business now more than ever through the internet, it’s never been more important to acquire Web Marketing skills.

In association with one of Europe’s top Business School – the Rome Business School – we are delighted to offer a short online course on Web Marketing. The course has been specifically designed by experts to strike a fine balance between high-quality education and a series of practical activities that give to participants the opportunity to acquire the skill set needed to excel as modern-day marketeers.

This is a foundational course that will allow you to progress in your career and expand your business globally. It is also a perfect course for those already working in business who want to develop their web marketing skills.

For more information about the course, please see here.

Entry Level

This course is available to everyone no matter what their educational or vocational background.


12 hours


Certificates of Proficiency by RBS and CIM

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