Diploma in

Marketing Studies

(1 Year)

Entry Level

High School Leaving Certificate


1 year


Registered and Licensed by the Cyprus Ministry of Education

Course Objectives

In today’s dynamic business environment, managers all over the world are constantly being challenged to make the right decisions in as fast and efficient way as possible. It is becoming increasingly obvious that acting according to the outdated ‘rule of thumb’ is inadequate in achieving the desired results for business people today. Moreover, today’s managers are preoccupied with immediate results and their own compensation and advancement; they therefore fail to devise or propose unique corporate strategies specifically tailored to the political, social and economic developments in what is an increasingly  changing business environment.

Undergraduate courses at the CIM have been designed specifically to satisfy the needs of businessmen and professionals who did not have a formal education after leaving secondary school. These programmes embrace those aspects of management and business policy which are an essential part of today’s business and financial scene, and which are exactly the proper function of the marketing–oriented members of a company.

We try to offer students a unique combination of opportunities: to catch up on the latest management techniques and tools; to master the rigorous disciplines of problem analysis and solutions; to learn from the successes and failures of others, both through case studies and the first hand experiences of lecturers and fellow students, so as to develop plans for profit improvement.


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