​BA in

Business Studies with Marketing

(4 Years)

Entry Level

High School Leaving Certificate


4 years


Accredited by SEKAP and recognised by KYSATS

Course Objectives


Developed with the help, involvement and consultation of a range of officers from local public and private sector organisations,  this curriculum has been designed to meet the current and emerging needs of managing in a complex and dynamic environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on the ethical and moral tensions that can arise in such an environment. The curriculum addresses issues that the partnership of academic and practitioner colleagues believe are appropriate,  such as environmental impacts, the increasing role of ICT, the development of entrepreneurship and globalization. Yet the course still gives opportunities for students to address particular or unique development needs via the negotiated work based learning modules. This theme reflects the importance attached by the team to learning that occurs within the workplace and also supports the development of the cognitive and practitioner skills.


The BA in Business Studies with Marketing (4 Years) programme, offered both in Nicosia and Limassol, is accredited by SEKAP and recognised by KYSATS. It thus enjoys worldwide recognition and offers the possibility to its holders of securing a high-ranking position across the industry or continuing for further studies in Europe or the US. Moreover, it enables Cypriot students to apply for a government subsidy up to 3417 Euro.

Exit skills

Our aim is to produce graduates with all the skills and abilities needed to flourish in the world of business marketing and management. We hope you will leave us: 
  • Α confident and independent learner with sound underpinnings of business knowledge and behaviour;
  • An inspired decision-maker, putting all your knowledge to use in reaching creative and effective solutions to complex business situations;
  • Someone who can make the most of professional study opportunities;
  • An effective team player but also someone able to work independently;
  • Someone who doesn’t see a job as the end of their studies but sees the start of their continuous professional development and lifelong learning.

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