The CIM-Cyprus Business School is pleased to announce that after a period of consultation, it has signed a cooperation agreement with the internationally renowned Caucasus University (Georgia). The agreement includes among other the lecturer / student exchange, academic research and co-organizing of Symposia.

Caucasus University is a private university in Georgia. The university was founded in 2004 with the establishment of the Caucasus School of Business, founded in 1998 in cooperation with the State University of Georgia, Atlanta, USA, during the transitional period of the country. That was when Georgia made the first attempts to get to the free market economy. The University of Caucasus has grown and is now one of the most famous higher education institutions in Georgia and the South Caucasus.

The Caucasus University currently consists of eight schools: the School of Business, the Law School, the School of Media, Technology School, the Government School, the School of Social Sciences, the Tourism School and the School of Health and degree offers programs and licenses.

The School of Business is a member of the Association of Central and East European Management Development (CEEMAN), and was the first educational institution in the Caucasus where granted accreditation CEEMAN Quality.

Representation of CIM will be in Georgia in the coming months to discuss with Caucasus University ways to strengthen their cooperation. The CIM has adopted a strategy of expansion of international cooperation. This agreement comes as a continuation of recent collaborations including universities Bamberg (Germany), Groningen (Netherlands), International Business Academy (Denmark) and Foro Europeo Business School (Spain) and is clear proof of the great contribution of the CIM in academic events Cyprus and raised in Cyprus once again as an International Educational Center. It is certainly a great honor for the CIM and makes it a truly European Business School since now has built a network of international partnerships with universities in Europe and America.

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