CIM – SAS Digital Marketing Workshop, 3rd March

CIM-SAS Digital Marketing Workshop

2 Leading Organisations Join Forces for a Landmark Event!

Start your Digital Transformation: Bringing your Omni-channel Strategy into Life!

Companies today are rushing to become more “digital” as it is the only way for any business to ensure its sustainability. Becoming “digital” should be considered as a way of doing business and creating value in the new era of business utilizing the emerging technologies and engaging with the customer across channels – digital or traditional. 

Especially significant value is created by new ways of establishing interactions and providing services to customers. When a business becomes “digital”, it essentially understands and influences the customer journey and in turn the purchasing decision process, faster and more effectively. Customer’s relationship with the company is changing and transformed into a much superior and tailor made experience. The challenge, then, for businesses is the understanding of this process and the use of business analytics to provide the best possible customer experience in all available channels so as to enhance the organization’s performance.

At this event you will have the chance to hear about

  • How Cypriot businesses face the new digital reality? What are the challenges they are facing in this new business digitalization era and what are the actions they believe should be taken in order to effectively seize the benefits of going digital?
  • How to compete for customer attention and market share and, ultimately, how to generate value out of Digitalization and Big Data by leveraging business analytics?
  • How leading companies provide relevant and consistent experience in every touch point with the customers by centralizing the organizations decision logic?
  • What is an effective roadmap for the successful adoption of a Customer Intelligence framework within the organization
  • How they can automate and make more effective the marketing campaign process?
  • How to get more value and return out of their marketing investment?

SAS Company Profile

SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market, globally acknowledged by almost all of the major analyst firms such as Gartner, IDC and Forrester Group. 
SAS is the world’s largest privately owned software company, with revenues of $3.09 billion in 2014, and have seen growth in both Revenue and Profitability year on year for the last 39 years since the company was founded. The company employs almost 13.700 people in over 400 offices worldwide, having more than 75.000 customer sites in 139 countries, including 93 of the top 100 companies on the 2014 Fortune Global 500® list.

SAS’s technologies and solutions allow rapid analysis of vast amounts of distributed operational data, giving large organizations and enterprises the ability to solve complex business problems, manage their profitability and achieve operational objectives, develop focusing on innovation and adapt in time to changing business and economic conditions. Additionally, SAS, a pioneer in new technologies’ deployment, helps businesses benefit from high-performance analytics transforming Big Data into true business value. 
Organizations have “The Power to Know” with SAS, using advanced analytics for fact-based decision making that transforms the way they do business.

SAS Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria

SAS Greece was established in year 2000 with main objective to meet the growing needs in Greece and Cyprus of organizations in private and public sector for solutions and technologies in the areas of Business Intelligence & Business Analytics. During this time, the company has experienced significant growth rates in both economic size and manpower. Furthermore, SAS Greece undertook the implementation of major innovative projects in Greece and Cyprus in the areas of risk management, customer intelligence, fraud detection, financial management, performance management, activity based management, social network analysis and gained significant presence in the banking and insurance sector, telecom operators and enterprises, public sector, educational institutions and many other organizations and enterprises in various industries.

In year 2013 SAS Greece expands its operations also in Bulgaria taking over the responsibility to support companies in the Bulgarian market in their efforts to maximize profits and improve their performance.

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2016 - CIM-SAS Digital Marketing Workshop

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