26-27 May 2016, Hilton, Nicosia

We are the in the pleasant position to announce the organization of another top academic Conference in Cyprus. In 26-27 May 2016, the annual Conference of European Association for Distance Learning (EADL) will take place in Hilton Hotel, Nicosia. It is a great honor for Cyprus the fact that a worldwide known Organization accepted the CIM invitation to co-organize the annual Conference in Nicosia.


The EADL is an international organization which consists of schools, institutions and private parties acting in the Distance Learning Education field and aiming the exchange of information and ideas related to the distance learning education. The mission of EADL is to represent all the private and European NGOs which offer high quality of sound and DL education. EADL aims to develop the quality and acceptance of DL education in order to ensure the maximum benefit for the students. It also provides a forum for open conversations for DL related topics and exchange of ideas and good practices, to all of its members. EADL was established in 2000 and its members expand in more than twenty countries. CIM is the only member from Cyprus.

CIM has already 38 years of innovation in Higher Education in Cyprus. It has been founded in September 1978 in Nicosia, and in 1984 in Limassol. It is the first Business School in Cyprus and through its journey all these years it has been established as one of the top institutions on the Island, having international collaborations and recognitions.

The realization of this Conference promotes the objectives of the Government in order to make Cyprus a regional educational center.

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