A group of CIM students will take part in an international business competition of interactive simulation

CIM will be represented in the international business simulation competition “Peaktime” by a group of its students, along with Lecturer Mr George Michaelides and team leader, student Doros Parapanos.

The team has been selected to take part in the competition within the context of the implementation of CIM targeted actions aiming at the knowledge and experience enrichment of students, through theory and practice.
In particular, the student participants will take over the administration and management of a virtual company in which will have the opportunity to show their entrepreneurial skills through an interactive experience of business simulation.

The participants will need to work as a team and make strategic and business decisions aiming at the growth of the virtual company and develop its profitability. The winning team will be the company that will manage to gain the highest stock market price.
CIM has always been a supporter of such actions which enhance its student experiences and especially when these kind of actions boost teamwork and entrepreneurship, while they promote our country abroad.

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