CIM-LSBU-BUE International Academic Conference, 15-17 January

International Academic Conference

Organised by:

Special Registration fee for Cypriot participants                                        
– Workings only: 50 euro
– Full Conference including meals: 300 euro

Working only (Promo code LSBUvis)
Full conderence (Promo code LSBUBUE)


Mediterranean Beach Hotel, Limassol ( 

Important Dates

  1. Latest for abstract submission: September 11th, 2015.
  2. Notification of abstract acceptance 2 weeks after receipt of abstract.
  3. Latest for paper submission 16th October, 2015.
  4. Notification of paper acceptance along with referees comments 4 weeks after receipt of paper
  5. Deadline for submission of revised papers: Friday 11th, December, 2015.
  6. Conference: 15th to the 17th January, 2016.

The Conference is placed under the auspices of his Excellency the Minister of Finance, Mr Harris Georgiades.

General Theme - International Business in a Dynamic World

Specific Themes
  1.  Economics, Society and Policy Implications
  • Local Economy  Studies
  • Environmental and Sustainable Development
  • Social Enterprise
  • The Future of the European Union
  • Institutions and their Interaction with Political and Economic Developments
  • Enterprise Productivity – recent developments after the Great Recession
  • WTO and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 
  1. Management & Finance in a Competitive Economy
  • The Evolution of Management at the ‘Coal Face’
  • Teaching and Learning of Management within the Workplace
  • Corporate Governance and Morality
  • Management of Business within Financial Markets
  • Financial Markets – their role in economic and social development
  1. Quantitative Methods in Business
  • Operational research
  • Analysing Big Data
  • Modelling and Data Reduction
  • Mathematical Economics
  1. Accounting, and Finance in the Post-Recession World
  • Financial and Management  Accounting
  • Credit Risk
  • Taxation and public finance
  • Asset Pricing
  1. Marketing
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Buyer Behaviour
  • Brand Equity
  • Pricing
  1. Human Resources
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Compensation
  • Management Approaches to Engaging with Employees
  • HR Strategy
  • HR Development
  • Employment Relations
  1. ICT and the Competitiveness of Businesses
  • The Role of Big Data in helping Businesses to Grow
  • Modern technologies in corporate information systems
  • Application of state-of-the-art information and communication technologies in business
  1. Tourism and Hospitality Research
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • The Growth of Tourist Industries and a Sustainable Environment
  • Tourism and Human Rights
  1. Higher Education and Businesses
  • Research in Higher Education
  • Knowledge Transfer between Higher Education and the Business Sector
  • Higher Education and Employability
  • The Practice of Business and Management Education
  • Issues of Higher Education Management and Organization
  • Higher Education and Sustainable Economic Development

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