13th CIM Honorary Fellows Networking Event, Tuesday 21st March, 18:30-20:30, British High Commissioner’s Residence

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  • 13th CIM Honorary Fellows Networking Event, Tuesday 21st March, 18:30-20:30, British High Commissioner’s Residence

2023 CIM Honorary Fellows Networking Event



  • CIM
  • Mr Irfan Siddiq, British High Commissioner to Cyprus

Who are the Honorary Fellows?

The Honorary Fellows at the end of 2022 are:

  1. Glafkos Mavros, Former General Manager, Hellenic Bank (CIM Alumnus)
  2. Petros Petrou, General Manager, Alpha TV
  3. George Liveras, Director, Liveras & Associates +
  4. Phidias Pilides, Former President, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  5. Ioannis Telonis, Executive Director, K&P Overseas Ltd
  6. Alkis Hadjikyriacos, CEO, Frou-Frou
  7. George Georgiou, Commercial Manager, Christodoulides Bros (CIM Alumnus)
  8. Evros Papadopoulos, Group Marketing Manager, Papaphilippou Ice Cream -(CIM Alumnus)
  9. Antonis Karpasitis, Former CEO, MetLife 
  10. Antonis Paschalides, Former Minister of Commerce
  11. Christos Michaelides, Former President, ΟΕΒ
  12. Marios Loucaides, Managing Director, Synpraxis
  13. Stelios Athanasiou, General Manager, Scandia (CIM Alumnus)
  14. Aristos Anastasiou, Business Development Manager, KEAN (CIM Alumnus)
  15. Emily Yiolitis, Former Minister of Justice and Public Order
  16. George Nicolaides, CEO, Gan Direct Insurance (CIM Alumnus)
  17. Christos Papaellinas, CEO, C.A.Papaellinas Group
  18. Natalia Kardash, CEO, Vestnik Kypra Group
  19. Achilleas Demetriou, CEO, Capital TV/Radio – CIM Alumnus
  20. Lysandros Ioannou, CEO, PHC Group
  21. Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, CEO, Tototheo Group, President EAC
  22. Yiannos Kremmos, General Manager, Blue Island PLC (CIM Alumnus)
  23. Themis Papadopoulos, CEO, Interorient Group
  24. John Patrick Hourican, Former CEO, Bank of Cyprus
  25. Costas Zorbas, CEO, Zorbas Bakeries
  26. Evi Papadopoulos, Marketing Director, KEAN +
  27. Pavlos Photiades, Managing Director, Photos Photiades Group
  28. Christos Mouskis, Executive Chairman, Muskita Hotels
  29. Kikis Treppides, Chairman, Treppides & Co
  30. Evgenios Evgeniou, Chairman, Invest Cyprus
  31. Christodoulos Angastiniotis, President, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  32. Andreas Pittas, Executive Chairman, Medochemie
  33. Elena Tanou, Vice-President, Top Kinisis Travel
  34. Melis Shacolas, CEO, CNS Group
  35. Christodoulos Stephanis, Managing Director, A.Stephanis & Co Ltd
  36. Ioannis Matsis, Managing Director, Head of Cyprus MUFG Investor Services
  37. Dinos Lefkaritis, CEO, Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd
  38. Evangelia Eliadou, Executive Director, Pafilia
  39. Stavros Pantziaris, Chairman, EY
  40. Dr Shadi Karam, Former Chairman of the Board, AstroBank
  41. Christianna Diogenous, CEO, Unicars
  42. Alexis Charalambides, Chairman, Charalambides Christis
  43. Tonis Toumazis, Founder of AtlasPantou and Atlas Panton Group
  44. Takis Phidia, CEO, CNP
  45. Andreas Hadjikyriacos, CEO, Gnora Communication Consultants
  46. Farah Shammas, Managing Director, St. Raphael Resort and Marina
  47. Despo Lefkariti, Managing Director, Delemma McCann
  48. Elena Andreou, Managing Director, McDonald’s Cyprus
  49. Stavros Caramondanis, CEO, Ayia Napa Marina & Caramondanis Group of Companies
  50. Panicos Nicolaou, CEO, Bank of Cyprus
  51. Mark O’Neil, CEO & President, Columbia Shipmanagement
  52. Dr Marianna Prokopi-Demetriades, Co-Founder/Director, Theramir Ltd

CIM Honorary Fellows


The award of an Honorary Fellowship is one of the most prestigious awards that the Business School can bestow. ‘Honorary Fellows; The grant of Honorary Fellowship shall be conferred on such persons of eminence or distinction who are not members as the Council shall in their absolute discretion think fit’. The induction of a steady stream of new Honorary Fellows (one per year) would be a useful ‘profile raiser’ for the Business School. 

Selection Process

The Business School’s Advisory Board elects annually as an Honorary Fellow 3-4 individuals that fall within the following categories:

  1. Local Executive with significant contribution to the Cyprus Business world
  2. Foreign Executive with significant contribution to the Cyprus Business world
  3. CIM alumnus who has excelled professionally


In making recommendations for Honorary Fellowship, the Business School’s Advisory Board will take account of any restrictions imposed by the Honorary Award Regulations, potential conflicts of interest or reputational issues.  Please note that current staff of the Business School and members of the Business School’s Council are not eligible for Honorary Fellowship, until they retire.

Who can nominate Honorary Fellows?

Any member of the Business School’s Advisory Board can make a nomination. All nominations are considered and screened in confidence by the ‘Honorary Fellows Committee’ and those nominated should not be made aware by their nominee that they have been put forward for an award.
The ‘Honorary Fellows Committee’ composes of:
  1. CIM CEO
  2. CIM Chancellor
  3. Business School’s Advisory Board President
  4. Business School’s Advisory Board Oldest Member

How and When to Nominate

Nominations are made by the end of October except if the Business School’s Advisory Board deems otherwise.

Who makes decisions on Honorary Fellowships?

Nominations for Honorary Fellowships are put forward to the Business School’s Advisory Board by the ‘Honorary Fellows Committee’. The HF Committee’s recommendations are laid before the Business School’s Council for concurrence, and a final decision is taken by a majority vote. Student Representatives to the Business School’s Council have not voting right. Successful candidates are invited to receive their awards at the annual CIM Summit. A maximum of four new Honorary Fellows may be elected each year. 

Honorary Fellows Duties

An Honorary Fellow should be prepared to contribute to the work of CIM – because of status accruing to the Institution from association with their name, or by practical help. In particular:
  1. Maintain the good standing of the Business School and provide support to its activities
  2. Attend the annual Honorary Fellows dinner
  3. Attend the Business School’s events

13th Honorary Fellows Networking Event - Gallery

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