prospective students

Prospective Students

reasons why the CIM-Cyprus Business School is the right choice for you!


CIM is Cyprus’ first and finest Business School, operating in Nicosia since 1978 and in Limassol since 1984.


CIM is the only higher education institution in Cyprus that specialises in educating in-career learners, offering exclusively evening classes.


You will be taught by some of Cyprus’s top managers; this means that you will be provided with real-world case studies while at the same time you will have the opportunity to meet and network with key players of the market.


CIM has been a partner of the University of West London since 2011; this is the most successful collaboration between a Cyprus academic institution and a UK university that has ever existed.


Our collaboration with the University of West London means that you can earn a British Bachelor in only 3 years or a Master in 1 year at a much lower cost than if you were based in London, without disrupting your professional life, and with the incredible support of our faculty and administration.


All teaching is conducted in small groups and in dynamic environments, offering you the opportunity to be an active learner, engage in fruitful discussion, and network with peers, faculty, and guest lecturers.


We have the deepest and most trusted links with the industry of any other academic institution in Cyprus, as evidenced by our strategic collaborations with the country’s top businesses. Studying at CIM, you will have the opportunity to gain access to these businesses, whether for networking, short-term internships, or potentially for future employment.


We have affordable fees that you can pay in interest-free annual instalments.


We have the highest employability rate for graduates in Cyprus, offering among all other academic institutions in Cyprus the highest return on investment.


Our state-of-the art intranet and our custom-made mobile app are the best and most advanced learning management systems available, offering flexibility and around-the-clock remote access.


We will always treat you as an individual, never as a unit. We will always have the time to listen to you and to facilitate your learning experience.

CIM has the highest employability rate in Cyprus!


The CIM-Cyprus Business School and the Cypronetwork Group have recently presented the results of the 1st CIM-Cyprus Business School Graduate Survey.

The research is ground-breaking in nature since it aims to outline all aspects of the CIM-Cyprus Business School and in particular the professional success of Cypriot Business School of Marketing graduates after completing their studies focusing on the depreciation of investment in their studies. The CIM-Cyprus Business School and Cypronetwork group have joined forces to conduct research by applying European research standards and hope that this research will be a useful tool and a comparison tool between academic institutions on an annual basis. The survey was Pancyprian and the sample size was 222 graduates from the academic years 2012-2017. Data collection was conducted via telephone interviews using a structured questionnaire between 27 November 2017 and 7 December 2017.

In summary, the main findings of the survey record that:

  • 30% of graduates enjoy a direct increase in their salary after completing their studies at CIM
  • 25% of graduates have received direct promotion after completing their studies at CIM
  • 91% say they are fully satisfied with their studies at CIM
  • 91% see CIM as a credible institution
  • 92% are currently employed
  • 62% were working within one month of completing their studies
  • 84% worked within 6 months of completing their studies
  • 91% were working within twelve months of completing their studies
  • 77% declare that depreciation in their investment (tuition to income from work) was excellent.
Based on the above results, it is obvious that studies at the CIM-Cyprus Business School maximize the chances of professional success and give the maximum depreciation on the investment. Also, the CIM-Cyprus Business School is likely to be the leading academic institution in Cyprus as regards the employability of its graduates and CIM-Cyprus Business School graduates are highly sought after by Cypriot and foreign business.
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