The Leading Shipping Event in Cyprus to take place on 25th April

CIM is proud to announce that it will be the sole Academic Institution to act as a Sponsor of the Prestigious “Marine Money Conference” to take part in Cyprus for the 2nd time on 25th April 2018, Four Seasons Hotel, Limassol.

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In the past year Cyprus has caught the eye of the maritime world as a place to establish and operate a shipping company and a place to secure shipping finance. We expect 2018 to see an uptick in the shipping markets in most sectors and as such we expect Cyprus will continue the upward projectory in terms of attracting companies, tonnage and investors. The shipping market are ticking upwards as world growth seems stronger both in the US and Europe but also in China, Asia and the emerging markets. The difficult past few years have instilled some discipline in new ordering of ships and deliveries over the next two years look set to decline in most shipping sectors. The stage is therefore set for stronger rates, a rising market and great opportunities. In finance many traditional shipping banks have reduced their enthusiasm for shipping thus creating a wonderful opportunity for the Cypriot banks and other pockets of innovative finance to step in to good business at good returns and with good counterparties. The year ahead looks set to be exciting both for the shipping industry and for Cyprus and great deals can be done with market opportunities in all sectors and diligent and intelligent finance solutions.

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